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                                      Participating in Formulating and Compiling the International Standards of LNG Marine Valves Used in Low Temperature

                                      Time:2019/4/26 19:07:41

                                      ISO 21157:2018, Ships and marine technology — Ball valves for use in low temperature applications — Design and testing requirements and ISO 21159:2018, Ships and marine technology — Butterfly valves for use in low temperature applications — Design and testing requirements are formulated under the leadership of China, and are published in November 2018 by ISO International Organization. The publishment marked that China had make a great break through in the formulating field of ship and marine international standard.

                                      CSSC is the editor in chief of these standards. And ShuangHeng is one of the companies which specifically compile these two international standards.

                                      ShuangHeng Valve Group Co., Ltd

                                      ADD:No. 398, Jinbai Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China





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